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what is rescheduled trains means ?

Trains in India mostly runs on time but there is always exceptions .Some trains gets delayed to many reasons like delay ay source stations,delay in getting signals ,track repair or track renovation,additional track getting laid,any operational reason,bad weather,flood situation,track over flooded,special situation like mela condition ,train gets rescheduled due to any unavoidable scenario.To overcome always you can check Live Train Status.Some times few trains cancelled by Indian railways and few trains rescheduled but, train details you can enquire all the time at website

how to get rescheduled trains status?

Due to any unavoidable reasons trains either gets rescheduled or cancelled.To get details about trains rescheduled you need to visit apps TRAINS RESCHEDULED.On page you simply click on gree button to get trains rescheduled today as date INPUT box already have current date by default.You can check for any dates.

are trains cancelled ?

To know if train is cancelled or not you need to check with the dates of travel and find out your train number from list of trains cancelled on particular date cancelled trains list.You will come to know train is cancelled or not.

are trains cancelled today?

Once you visit Trains Cancelled Today this.By defailt it will take todays date.You need to select the correct date for which you want to enquire and run the query using green button.You will be presented with the list of cancelled trains according to your query.You can find your information regarding cancelled trains.

which trains cancelled today

Once you visit Trains Cancelled Today this.By defailt it will take todays date.You just need to run query using green button and you will have required information.

how to check cancelled trains?

Due to un avoidable situation trains are expected to get cancelled.Once you visit Trains Cancelled Today this.Select the required date for which you want to find cancelled trains and place your query using green button you will have information what you are looking for.

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