Are you waiting for your loved one to reach?.Get Live Train Running Status.Train Running Status Live,Live Train Running Status,Train Live Running Status on Mobile,Train Running Status History.Do you need to pickup your dear one from station ?Are you travelling in train itself and in need of knowing what is the live running status of train to get fair idea how long it will take to reach destination.Please use this facility to get live train status

Question 1: What is live train running status?

ANS : Live Train Running Status of IRCTC means spotting exact location of train which means train real time status of the train.Live Train Running Status exactly means getting current status of train where it it.Details we get when enquired about Train Running Status is that name of the last crossed railway station.You will come to know what time it was expected to arrive and depart from last station.So you will have idea if it was on time at last station or it was homw much delayed when train cross last railway station.

Question 2: What is main things to rember about live train running status?

ANS : LIVE TRAIN RUNNING STATUS for Indian Railway trains means the precise location of any train and its real time delay status. It will include the estimated arrival of the train at any particular station .Two main items which are important to note while checking Live Train Status is "Last Crossed Railway Station" and "Estimated Time of Arrival to next railway station".The "Last Crossed Railway Station" signifies the station supported which the present live train running status is decided . The "Last Crossed Railway Station" also conveys that the train has either arrived or departed or crossed that specific station.The "Estimated Time of Arrival " value conveys the expected time at which the trains is meant to reach any of its upcoming stoppages. This is the time when the traveler at the upcoming is predicted to be there to board the train. The last reported station are often either an interruption or an intermediate station (where the train doesn't have a daily stoppage and easily is predicted to cross the station).

According to ShowPNRStatus approximately 90% of the live train running status updates of the train from a specific station arrives with 8-10 mins of the train arriving,departing,crossing a station. For the remaining 10% of live train updates can range quite take quite that sometimes getting to nearly an hour.Trains do recover time. So the train delay at the upcoming stations could also be but what has been reported from last reported station. Please plan accordingly.Train status updates from the last stop typically arrive during a delayed fashion.Status running train updates change frequently.

So it's recommended that the user check the status updates frequently. To get more accurate results you may need to keep checking status around expected time repeatedly.

Two main items which are important to note while checking Live Train Running Status is "Last Crossed Railway Station" and "Estimated Time of Arrival to next railway station"

Question 3: What will be the possible advantage of getting Live Train Running Status.

ANS : The possible advantages of getting Live Train Running Status will be like below.
1 . You will have right information.Every body known advantage of having right information which is always helpful in many cases.
2 . Once you have information either about being on right time or delay .You can plan accordingly.For instance you come to know that train is expected to be delay by 4 hours and if you have to go to railway station to collect someone or drop someone to board the train.In either case you can save you time.

Question 4: How to check Live Train Status?

ANS : Once you visit this link LIVE TRAIN RUNNING STATUS you will be landed on the page where you can find two input box.
1. In FIRST Box which have display - Enter Train Number here --- Please Enter Train Number Here.
2. In 2ND Box is basically date picker box.By default it shows current date.From there you need to select the start date of the train.
3. Finally Click on GREEN BUTTON - Just down to Input Box and you will have Live Train Running Status information you were looking for.

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