2. Get PNR Alerts

Get PNR Alerts

What is PNR Alerts ? PNR alerts is the service by Indian Railway to gets status of your PNR via SMS alert.Simply it is SMS alert service to get PNR update to your mobile.You must be familiar about what is PNR.PNR is 10 digit unique number related to passenger information like passenger name, age,sex, berth preference, coach, berth and many more. PNR status could be checked using SMS method which is the most preferred way to get PNR Status and saves lot of time .This is becoming preferred method with the extensive use of mobile services after jio era.Only drawback with SMS services are it is chargeable standard countrywide SMS charge Rs 3 per SMS.ShowPNRStatus has made easy provision to help you to check PNR Status to get details about your ticket confirmation for your smooth journey.Simply you can get PNR status and become well aware about your ticket status and berth details.You can click below to get PNR Status.

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