Ques 1 : What is PNR? ?

Ans : PNR is auto generated number while booking tickets with IRCTC via any method including Railway Reservation Counters or Online.It stands for Passenger Name Record.This was started by Indian Railway subsidary called IRCTC who manage the Indian Railway Passenger Reservation System PRS available with IRCTC.It uses random number generation function leading to uniqness of each ticket PNR number.It is 10 digit unique number.PNR validity remains till end of journey.PNR record gets flushed by IRCTC after their standard schedule of 9 months to keep their system clean and gets over loaded with too much data.To find out train travel details you can check PNR Status .

Ques 2 : What does a PNR number store?

Ans : It is 10 digit unique number.PNR has details of passenger like name, age,gender,contact details,train name,train number,coach,seat numbers,class of travel,source station ie boarding station name,departure time and destination station and fare details.You may have seen railway reservation form you have to fill while ticket booking and details entered bt PRS employee at counter all those are crucial part of PNR number.

Ques 3 : How is a PNR number issued for a train?

Ans : Generation of PNR Number use random number function.Once successful train ticket gets printed every booked ticket irespective of ticket status each ticket assigned with PNR Number 10 digit unique number assigned to each ticket.PNR number have two section .First 3 digits have details from where ticket is booked.Ist digit of PNR indicates from where the train will start with succeding two digit as PRS location.Rest 7 digit gets created using random number fuction used which contains details entered while ticket booking.

Ques 4 : How to find the PNR number on a train ticket?

Ans : IRCTC printed ticket from either source via IRCTC booking you can find the PNR number on the top left corner of ticket. While booking either e-ticket from IRCTC or from any other online travel sites, PNR number will be present on top section. You can check your PNR status visit IRCTC PNR Check and provide PNR no. in input box and click green button to instantly have current status of your PNR Status.

Ques 5 : What is PNR Status ?

Ans : PNR is the system developed by Indian Railway for proper record management for passenger ,abbreviation of PNR is Passenger Name Record. It is basically 10-digit unique number which contains information details about passenger like name,age,sex,berth preference etc.Each reservation tickets printed have unique ID called PNR Number. Each ticket booking new PNR Number gets generated.Validity of PNR Number expired with the end of journey.Let us understand the details what PNR Number contains.

You can understand PNR Number as combination of two parts . First three Number whether it have train start location and PRS code+Next 7 Railway Generated Number by using random function which makes PNR Number unique.

ShowPNRStatus has made easy provision to assist you to see PNR Status details about your ticket confirmation for your smooth journey.Simply you'll get PNR Status and have details about your ticket status and berth details.You can click below to urge PNR Status.

Ques 6 : How to Check PNR Status ?

Ans : You need not to do any thing about How to Check PNR Status apart from remembering your PNR Number. Either you remember your PNR Number or simply you can get PNR Number from your ticket.Now you can Check PNR Status of IRCTC by simply entering your 10 digit PNR Number and you will get all the details of PNR which is what you were exactly looking.

Ques 7 : How to check IRCTC PNR ?

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Ques 8 : How to get PNR Status on Mobile?

Ans : PNR alerts is the service by Indian Railway to Get PNR Status via SMS .Simply it is SMS alert service to get PNR update to your mobile.You must be familiar about what's PNR.PNR is 10 digit unique number associated with passenger information like passenger name, age,sex, berth preference, coach, berth and lots of more. PNR Status might be checked using SMS method which is that the most preferred .Get PNR Status saves lot of your time .This is becoming preferred method with the extensive use of mobile services after jio era.Only drawback with SMS services are it is chargeable standard countrywide SMS charge Rs 3 per SMS.

139 SMS Service IRCTC has launched 139 SMS facility for passenger convenience who does not have internet access.To get PNR Status on mobile via SMS, you need to send message on 139.Format of messages are going to be PNR [PNR Number].

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