Are you on station right now and searching for train in next 2 hours or train in next 4 hours.This tool will be really handy and it can avoid standing in queue or even no need to travel to railway station early.You can enquire about station live status at the convenience of being at home.It will really save your time which can be utilized in journey preparation.You can make time estimate and start your travel accordingly.


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Every one is well aware about rush on all Indian Railway Stations specially for metro cities railway stations and all of us sometimes must have seen huge queues on station enquiry counters almost similar quite rush like reservations counters.If you're on railroad station immidiately and checking out train to startout journey either if you've got missed your train or it is an emergency journey for any reason.We can get Station Live Status

using facility provided by us to get live station status on mobile.In such kind of situation getting information is really painful.Using Indian Railway Station Enquiry System you can find the details what all trains is passing through railway station in next two hour or even in next four hour which will really help to make your decision for travel.You can even have this info while in ticketing queue which will save your time and you will not feel need of physical support.

How to get Train in next 4 Hours from Station ?

Please visit this link STATION LIVE STATUS .On page there is two input box.In First input box you need to enter station code.You do,t know station code.No issues DO NOT PANIC.Type first three letter of your railyway station name you will get [email protected] Input box is basically a drop down.You can select either 2 hrs or 4 hours.Finally click on GREEN button.It will provide the list of trains based on option you have selected.It takes the time of query and provide list of trains available from station or it is passing via station.You can use it in your benefit.

What is PNR ?

PNR is the system developed by Indian Railway for proper record management for passenger ,abbreviation of PNR is Passenger Name Record. It is basically 10-digit unique number which contains information details about passenger like name,age,sex,berth preference etc.Each reservation tickets printed have unique ID called PNR Number.Each ticket booking new PNR gets generated.Validity of PNR expired the top of journey.Let us understand the small print what PNR contains.

Treat PNR as combination of 3+7 digit.First 3 Number have train start location and PRS code and next 7 number Railway Generated Number by using random function which makes PNR number unique.

ShowPNRStatus has made easy provision to assist you to check PNR Status to see PNR status to urge details about your ticket confirmation for your smooth journey.Simply you'll get PNR status and become well aware about your ticket status and berth details.You can click below to get PNR Status.


What is PNR Prediction?

Let us understand what is PNR Prediction.How it works.How Indian Railways do the calculations to tell passenger what is the probability of your ticket gets confirmed.What are the criteria taken into place to decide.

Basically PNR Prediction is the service provided by Indian Railway for passengers to keep their hopes alive and some kind of peace of mind and expectations that there travel might get confirmed or not till date of travel.Using this service passenger can have fair idea about the probability of getting their tickets confirmed on expected date travel.In case of very poor probability customer can opt for other options based on availability like if your ticket is of sleeper category you can see the seat availability in other higher classes of AC or if you have enough time you can opt for flight services if it is available in source and destination locations.

All PNR numbers are tracked which helps in making predictability easier. All present and past booking trends are also tracked and use AI Artificial Intelligence to monitor real status of PNR. PNR prediction use various prediction logic to handle for holidays and weekends and new logic for week days.

This service never gives any kind of assurance to passengers but it gives fair idea what passengers can expect based on their current reservations like ticket is expected to be confirmed or not so passenger can do alternate arrangement for their travel.All these intelligent algorithm and logic being used to predict the probability of PNR.



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