Train Coach Position

Know your train coach position using our train coach position system designed by Show PNR Status for your convenience by simply entering train number.

Ques 1 : How to check train coach pisition in train ?

ANS : Checking train coach position is really simple.One and only one thing you need the train number nothing else.Once you go to the link TRAIN COACH POSITION you will find one input box and one button.Input box is showing hint like Enter your train number here.There you just need to provide train number for which you want to know coach position,train coach position and hit green button.That,s it it will serve you train platform standings layout.You can utilize this info to directly go to specific coach and board safely.

Ques 2 : How to check train coach position ?

ANS : This is really very-very simple how to check train coach position.You just need to provide train number and you can get train coach position.

Ques 3 : How to know coach position ?

ANS : You can get coach position by providing train number.Use this link COACH POSITION and enter your train number and get the info you are looking for.

Ques 4 : How to find train coach position ?

ANS : If you are already on this page you simply provide train number in input box where hint "Enter train number here" is given and click on green button to fetch train coach position for you.

Ques 5 : How to check train coach position and seat layout?

ANS : Anyone can do train coach position enquiry and check seat layout of any train in Indian Railways by entering your required train number or train code on the box above. List of coaches appear for your train which are arranged with reference to engine of the coach. One can select their allotted coach to understand seat arrangement of that train coach position.

Ques 6 : What to do if I can not find my coach number in list of coach position?

ANS : Indian Railways sometimes adds extra coach if the push is more in trains. In such cases the additional coach is usually added either towards the beginning of train or towards the top . However, it's always advisable to succeed in station beforehand, in order that passengers can clarify such details at the station also, either from station inquiry window or from the local hawkers or coolies who are their at the platforms regularly.

Ques 7 : Are all the coaches interlinked? What if I have to go to Pantry car?

ANS : Trains are usually interlinked except for some trains, one won't be allowed to enter other coaches (especially 1A and EC) class. Pantry car is typically placed in middle section of train in order that it's easily accessible from all coaches. However, passengers aren't allowed to enter pantry car too, and whatever they need to possess , they have to order it remaining seated only.

Ques 8 : Is train coach position & seat map displayed is always correct?

ANS : ShowPNRStatus displays train coach position and seat map supported the knowledge of previous history. However, sometimes these information changes eleventh hour or with none prior notice, so it's always advisable to verify these information at the station beforehand. One should reach station at-least half an hour before train time of arrival , in order that they get enough time to verify platform number and train coach position and may reach at the desired place on time.

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