Train Fare Enqiry System

Want to know how much irctc fare of various class tickets from one destination to other.Use our train fare enquiry system to get irctc fare.Please provide details and get irctc fair details.

Question 1 : What is irctc fare?

ANS : This is absolutely very simple to know irctc fare like in routine life if you are using any rental public transporation services including rikshaw,auto,taxi,ola,uber,car or any other medium of transpotation you have to spent some bucks.So as IRCTC.You need to know about irctc fare which will help you to decide what are your options for travel by train.Which class ticket will be feasible for you and smooth on your pocket as well based on urgency of arrival to destination.So this is really important to enquire about train fair before booking the ticket.

Question 2 : How to check irctc fare ?

ANS : Please visit TRAIN FARE ENQUIRY SYSTEM.On landing page you will find FOUR INPUT BOXES where you need to provide information needed to get irctc fare.If you see carefully you will easily find details what information exactly you have to provide.
1. FIRST ROW FIRST BOX says "Enter Train Number Here " - So just provide train number in this box.
2. FIRST ROW IIND BOX is drop down option where you have two option.You can choose either to see what is the difference.
3. 2ND ROW FIRST BOX says "Enter Source Station " - So just select your starting station.
4. 2ND ROW 2ND BOX says "Enter Destination Station " - So just select your destination station.
Once you furnished all details mentioned above finally you have to click green button GET-IRCTC FAIR to get irctc fare.
That,s all.You will be served with details what you have queried for.

Question 3: How to check vijayawada to haridwar train fare ?

ANS :Please visit TRAIN FARE ENQUIRY SYSTEM.Please use below procedure to get irctc fare details.Step 1 is not necessary if you already have train number by some means.You need to have train number to get irctc fare.

Step 1 : First Visit TRAIN BETWEEN TWO STATION.On landing page Enter Vijaywada Code :BZA and in destination use HW code for Haridwar.You will find information about the train running between Vijaywada and Haridwar.You are expected to get one train only 12687-DEHRADUN EXP.

Step 2 : Then Visit VIJAYWADA TO HARIDWAR TRAIN FAIR.You will find four input box.Use Train number in first input box.Enter Source BZA and Destination as HW.Select CK from drop down menu and finally click GET TRAIN FAIR INFO button and fare details will be pressented to you.

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