Want to have train number information about specific train to plan your journey.Get all details about train number information by just entering train number.Once you will enter train number you will get TrainNo,TrainName,Source Code,Source Arrival,Destination Code,Destination Arrival.

What is Train Number Information or Train No Information ?

Train Number Information OR Train No Information OR Train No Info is nothing but simply knowing all the information about train.From Train Number you can get information like Train Name,Source Station,Destination Station,Source arrival and Destination arrival.

How to get Train Number Information or Train No Info ?

Getting Train Number Information OR Train No Information OR Train No Info OR Train Enquiry is really simple.Just open link TRAIN NUMBER INFORMATION and on landing page you just need to enter your train number for which you need details in one and only input box and you will have the information you are looking.

Indian Railway is backbone of country. It has been recognized one and only one feasible option for moving around country in least expensive way for Indian Community.We all know volume of country commute we have huge number of passengers travelling daily with Indian Railway.It was demand to create system for passenger identification and IR has developed PNR.

PNR Status

PNR is the system developed by Indian Railways for their passengers identification.This is 10 digit unique number allocated to passenger while ticket booking.

What is Passenger Name Record [PNR] ?

PNR is the system developed by Indian Railway for proper record management for passenger ,abbreviation of PNR is Passenger Name Record. It is basically 10-digit unique number which contains information details about passenger like name,age,sex,berth preference etc.Each reservation tickets printed have unique ID called PNR Number.Each ticket booking new PNR gets generated.Validity of PNR expired with the end of journey. Let us understand the details what PNR contains.

Please treat PNR as combination of two parts.It is 3+7.First 3 number have train start location & PRS code + Next 7 Railway Generated Number by using random function which makes PNR number unique.

ShowPNRStatus has made easy provision to assist you to see PNR Status to urge details about your ticket confirmation for your smooth journey and should other indian railway enquries.Simply you can get PNR status and become well aware about your ticket status and berth details.Explore many other enquries listed below


Check PNR Status


What are different Status of your tickets

1.Confirmed - CNF - In this case you will gets seating details together with your confirmed coach number also as well as seat number.

2.Reservation Against Cancellation - RAC - Booking and cancellations is keep happening due to change in passengers schedule or less probability of confirmation or any other scenario so reservation status gets updated.Railways confirms tickets based on cancellations in PRS system based on seat availability.In general if someone cancels reservations you have probability to get your ticket reserved.RAC seats are mostly gets adjusted in side birth upper and lower in trains.

3.Waiting List – WL - As name suggest waiting list simply means you are in queue and your ticket will be reserved in case of availability of seats due to any circumstances like cancellation ,unfilled many types of quota.As per IRCTC normal criteria they prepare reservation chart before three hour of train start timing.So if your ticket is still showing WL after chart preparation so be cautious not to board train as Indian Railway refunds the ticket value to purchasers account so you will be treated without ticket and you may get exploited by TTE,s in train if you board train.Various category of waiting list ticket may have like below

GNWL– General Wait list

TQWL– Tatkal Wait list

PQWL– Pooled Quota Wait list

RLWL– Remote Location Wait list

4.Cancelled – CAN - As name suggests Your ticket has been cancelled and you are not supposed to travel.

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