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Want to know train schedule to get prepared for boarding train .To avoid any last moment rush and eliminate chance of missing train.We have facilitated service for you to get train schedule to make your journey convenient.Please use services and share as much as you can.

Q & A on Train Schedule

Question 1 : What is Indian railways train time table?

ANS : IRCTC operated trains of long distance as well as small distance along with local train services.For example Mumbai locals is the heart of Mumbaikars.To manage the train operations each train has fixed route and fixed timings which is help for signaling purpose which is most crucial for trains operations.These scheduled is know as time table which contains all the information of time table or termed as train schedule.

Question 2 : Since when Indian Railways use train time table?

ANS : This was since british period around 1860 since railway time table was introduced by Indian Railways. Objective of railway time table was to synchronize running of trains inder Indian Railways as per their route and halt stations.This is to avoid any collision between trains either from front or back.


Question 3 : What are important information in time table?

ANS : Main information in train time table are train name,train number,intermediate stations,Train status,arrival time,departure time.Train Name and Train Number: For Identification and Management all trains have their name and number associated.Refering which seats for passengers are booked.This is also very helpful for singling point of view to manage giving signals to pass the train from stations.It contains route as well like which all stations comes in the way to reach destination of the train.It contains arrival and departure from every intermediate stations which helps signaling department to give signals.If train is at scheduled time it gets preference in signaling.Train Status:User can check running train status which gives idea to user about the present location of train list of the upcoming stations,expected arrival time at upcoming stations and any delay of the train.

Question 4 : Why expected Platform for Arrival is a key information in train time table?

ANS : Expected platform for arrival allows passengers to avoid any last moment rush. This helps passenger in smooth boarding and off-boarding.Most of the Indian Railways Junctions across India have more platforms,many times passengers can have last moment problems while boarding due to huge rush around train due to their luggage, families,childrens and old age parents.So knowing expected platform information for train really helps to plan better onboarding and of-boarding.

Question 5 : Which key factors may affect train time table between two stations?

ANS : This is really unpredictable accurately.Educted guess which may impact time table between two stations may be any flood situation,any track maintenance in progress,any accident happened,any delay in getting signals,loss of visibility due to fogg,due to heavy rains and tracks overfilled and any political rally,s stopping trains are the most impacting reasons of train delay between two stations.

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